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Sunday Freeze Top Load Stem 48mm

Brand: Sunday

Code: SBHS-802-BK

Code: SBHS-802-HP

Code: SBHS-802-RAW

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Brand: Sunday

Updated version of the super-popular Sunday Freeze top load stem, now with shorter 48mm reach. This is the same stem used by the Sunday team at a very affordable price. Available in Matt Black, Polished or Raw and limited edition colours. 


•  Used by the Sunday team

•  Classic top load design

•  Die-cast aluminium body

•  Forged 6061-T6 aluminum face plate

•  Recessed sides and bottom to reduce weight



•  Reach: 48mm

•  Stack Height: 33mm

•  Rise: 34mm (1mm drop when inverted)

•  Weight: 10.5 oz