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Supercross BMX Massive Race Bars

Brand: Supercross BMX


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Brand: Supercross BMX

The Supercross BMX MASSIVE Flat Series Pro Bars are just that, MASSIVE! (in Race terms).

Not instock? Contact us - we regularly get shipments from Supercross and we can add this on

Taller than the original Flat series by a 1/2″ for a little extra rise. The MASSIVE Bars are fully heat-treated 13-butted Cro-Mo, with stem knurling for a solid connection to your stem.

  • Bar Width: 30"
  • Bar Rise: 8.5"
  • Bar Back Sweep: 
  • Bar Up Sweep: 
  • Weight: 830 grams or 1lb 13.2 ounces