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Superstar Threaded Bar Ends Synthetic Black

Brand: Superstar

Code: SSRBE001SN000

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Brand: Superstar

Designed by Tree Bicycle Co., these SuperStar Bar Ends are threaded to work Perfectly with the SuperStar Sweet Sweep Bars (or cut a M20x1.50 thread into your bars). They simply screw into the bars and are held Extremely Securely. They come in 2 versions - Lightweight 6061 Aluminium, or Super-Lightweight Synthetic Plastic.

  • Threaded Bar Ends (for use with SuperStar Sweet Sweep Bars)
  • Choose 6061-T6 Alloy or Super-Light Synthetic Plastic
  • M20 x 1.50 Thread
  • Minimal Packaging for Waste Reduction
  • Colours: Synthetic: Black or Grey / Alloy: Black, Silver, Gold or Green