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Tall Order 280 Frame Matt Air Blue

Brand: Tall Order

Code: FRTA011-BL6-2060

Code: FRTA011-BL6-2100

Code: FRTA011-BL6-2125

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Code: FRTA011-BL6-2150

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Brand: Tall Order

Brand new for 2024, Tall Order's new 280 is designed to bring the best parts of the 215 & 315 together into one frame. One of the main design briefs for this frame was to accommodate the team riders who rode both old frames so they could all ride this new frame. To do this the dropout has been made slightly longer allowing riders to run the rear end length they desire. It can be run with the same chain lengths for a 13.5” slammed frame and 13.75” slammed frame. The effective usable range based of the teams gearing (25x9, 28x9, 31x9) is between 13.54” and 13.94”. The head tube sits at 74.75, which allows for more control at high speeds. It also features an investment cast seat stay bridge and both top and down tube gussets for added strength. This frame is made from Japanese Sanko tubing and is designed to be light without compromising on strength.

• Top Tube: 20.6”  /  21” /  21.25"  /  21.5”
• Head Tube: 74.75°
• Seat Tube: 71°
• Chain Stay: 13.5” slammed
• Stand Over: 9”
• BB Height: 11.5”
• Weight: 5lb 5.6oz (21.25")
• Built In Chain Tensioners
• Brake Mount Kit Included