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Tall Order Drone Rear Cassette Hub

Brand: Tall Order

Code: HUTA003-BK1-09T

Code: HUTA002-BK1-09T

Code: HUTA003-SI1-09T

Code: HUTA002-SI1-09T

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Brand: Tall Order

Tall Order's super-fast engagement cassette hub with buzzy 150 points of contact, available in Black, Polished and Left and Right hand drive. 

•  Available in LHD or RHD
•  Colours: Matt Black or Polished Silver
•  14mm female axle
•  9T driver
•  36H only

Bas Keep was very specific about having a cassette with super fast engagement. The end result is a hub that has 3 individually sprung pawls with 150 points of contact which creates an almost instant engagement when you start to pedal as well as being one of the most unique sounding cassettes on the market. So if anyone is running a ‘tall order’ cassette you will instantly be able to recognise it from the unique sound alone. The hub also has a chrome driver and laser etched logo to complete the look. This hub is available with a 17mm female axle and 14mm bolts.