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Tall Order One Logo Sprocket Polished

Brand: Tall Order

Code: SPTA002-SI1-025T

Code: SPTA002-SI1-028T

Code: SPTA002-SI1-031T

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Brand: Tall Order

The Tall Order One Logo Sprocket in polished is a modern twist on a traditional BMX sprocket design by adding the Tall Order logo without compromising strength. Available in 25, 28 or 31T.

CNC machined from 7075-T6 Aluminium
6.35mm thick
Chamfered edges on the logo to add an extra level of detail and make the logo stand out
25T, 28T or 31T
Bolt on only
24mm bore hole, supplied with adapters for 19mm and 22mm cranks
Colour: Black
Weight: 71g (25t), 94g (28t), 110g (31t)