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Tall Order Tyre Pedal and Grip Upgrade Kit - Blue

Brand: Tall Order



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Brand: Tall Order

Freshen up your bike with this Pro-level Tall Order upgrade kit in this new Blue colourway, comprising:

Tall Order Wallride Tyes
A pair of new Blue/Black colourway Tall Order Wallride tyres in either 2.30" or 2.35" - a thicker, wider and more durable version of the hugely popular Wallride tyre. This tyre provides maximum grip on any terrain and feels very comfortable on trails and dirt courses. The Wallride tyre seems have the ability to dramatically improve the look of any bike they are put on. If your bike is feeling old and boring bring it back to life with a pair of the most popular BMX tyres, year in and year out. 

Catch Grips
The new Catch grip from Tall Order has been designed to be one of the softer grips by using a ribbed style design while still incorporating the brand logo in a repeating pattern. Push-in barends included. 

Catch Pedals
The new Tall Order Catch pedals use a nylon plastic body and a heat tread cro-mo axle. Nylon plastic body, 9/16" thread with heat treated axle.

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