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Tange Seiki MX320 Headset

Brand: Tange

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Brand: Tange

The classic high end alloy Tange-Seiki MX-320 headset re-made but now with sealed bearings for super smooth and awesome rattle free operation but with a total high-end Old School look! These things are BEAUTIFUL! Probably the best old school headset you can buy, looks like it's from 1984 but is sealed and smoother than these ever where back in the day. 

  • Bear trap loose-proof mechanism.
  • Sealed cartridge bearing.
  • Top lock nut, adjusting cone, upper & lower cup are made with A6061T6 light alloy.
  • Bigger lower cartridge bearing for more durable with sealed mechanism
  • 32.7mm cup size to fit old 1" BMX frames, does not fit 1" road and mountain bike frames
  • 26.4mm bearing race. Can be filed out to fit the 27.2mm steerers. 
  • Perfect for your old school Raleigh Burner, Mongoose, GT, Kuwahara, Torker, Robinson, Hutch, SE Racing, JMC, CW, Ammaco, Dyno, Profile, Redline, etc.
  • Available in Black, Blue, Gold, Red, Silver and new Super High Polished (almost chrome). 

Check the reviews for this - everyone loves them!

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