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Tech Deck BMX Bike

Brand: Tech Deck

Code: 393305-04C

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Brand: Tech Deck


Get the best in replica miniaturised BMX bikes with Tech Deck BMX Freestyle Hits! With real metal bikes with authentic graphics, frame colorways and freestyle obstacles for you to shred - Tech Deck gives you the superior performance and realistic details you can’t find anywhere else! Featuring fully functioning, articulated handlebars, pulling off wicked tail whips, flips, and more is easy! With working wheels and real rubber tires, it’s easy to pull off show-stopping tricks like tail whips, flips, and more! Collect your favourite bike brands such as Wethepeople, Cult, Sunday, and SE (each sold separately) and bring your collection to the next level! Only Tech Deck has the most authentic miniaturised BMX bikes for kids and collectors ages 6 and up. No batteries required. Real bikes. Unreal tricks.

  • Tech Deck delivers authentic replica BMX bikes, metal frames, and graphics from the top global brands!
  • Real Bikes. Unreal Tricks! Perform awesome stunts, including tail whips, flips, and more!
  • Collect them all! Discover your favorite BMX brands including Cult, Sunday and SE Bikes.
  • Tech Deck BMX Bikes are for ages 6+. No batteries required.