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Tioga Comp III Old School Skinwall Tyres 1.75/2.125 Pair

Brand: Tioga

Code: TITY001BK000

20 Available

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Brand: Tioga

The 1980's classic tyre, Tioga Comp III 20" Skinwall tyres are as iconic as Skyway Tuff wheels or Shimano DX pedals. Perfect for all 80's BMX restorations. Sold here as a pair - 1x 1.75 and 1 x 2.125 size as fitted to most 80s bikes. 

•  A reproduction of the original Comp-III with the original yellow hotpatch and skinwall sidewalls.

• 20 x 1.75" for rear and 2.125" for front. 

• Black rubber with skin wall and original yellow hotpatch. 

• Perfect for your classic Hutch, Diamond Back, Skyway, Haro, GT, Torker, Raleigh Burner, etc restoration.