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Tioga FastR S-Spec Race Tyre

Brand: Tioga

Code: TYTG20FS17

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Brand: Tioga

The Tioga FastR S-Spec is a folding ultralight, next generation race tyre designed for flat out speed. 

The ultra-efficient design of FASTR unifies speed with control like no other tyre.

Ultra-low rolling resistance achieved through a smooth central tread. An ingenious pressure sensitive Grip-Pod system (patent-pending) that stays out of the way, minimising momentum loss, while fully coming alive to maintain control when pushing through corners. 

• UTC Rubber

• Cylex (120TPI) Ultralight Casing

• Folding Bead

• 20 x 1.75: 300g

• 20 x 1.85: 320g

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