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Tioga FastR X S-Spec Folding 20" Race Tyre

Brand: Tioga

Code: TYTG20FX11

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Brand: Tioga

The FASTR-X is Tioga's most versatile super light weight folding race tyre to date. Increased strategical placement of Grip-Pods matched to multi-facet Nano Knobs on shoulder and sides, capped off with friction enhancing chemical etching over the central tread, FASTR-X strikes the rarefied balance of speed and control like none before.

Cyclex 120 TPI Ultralight Casing
UTC Rubber Compound
Folding kevlar bead
20 x 1 1/8: 225g
20 x 1 3/8: 270g
20 x 1.60: 280g
20 x 1.75: 300g
20 x 1.85: 320g
Universal front or rear use
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