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Tioga SpectR Dual Ply 20" Street/Park/Ramp Tyre

Brand: Tioga

Code: TYTG20SR22

Code: TYTG20SR24

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Brand: Tioga

Tioga already dominate the race tyre market and this is their high performance yet great value street/park SpectR tyre, available in 2.25" and 2.40" widths and 100 psi rating. 

Sleek and fast rolling where you want it, traction and grip when you need it.  Its smooth and rounded tread profile rolls more efficiently and precisely in wider range of turning angles.  Unique GripPod tread clusters grip with applied pressure, and when combined with deep angular grooves, the tread provides exceptional cornering traction that’s not only felt, but heard!  The SPECTR is versatility, redefined.

Application: Street, Park, Ramp
Material: PneuMax 100 PSI Casing
UTC Traction Compound
Steel Bead