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Tioga Spyder DAZZ Lite Mini BMX Race Pedals

Brand: Tioga


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Brand: Tioga


Awesome thermoplastic Tioga Spyder DAZZ Mini BMX race pedals with bushing system (no bearings!), 12 moulded pins and amazing value for money, an essential upgrade for any Micro, Mini, Junior or Expert race bike!

The unique narrow (72mm width) and long (95mm length) platform is designed for riders with smaller foot print or riders preferring greater lean-angle clearance and maneuverability. Value comes by way of thermoplastic impact resistant body, spinning on 2DU Bushing System, a pair of low-friction bushings, the DAZZ Lite blends unique style with durability, performance and value.


Pins 12 Molded traction pins

Axle 9/16” Boron axles

Material Ultra durable Thermoplastic body

Dimensions L 95 x W 72 x H 25mm

Colour Black

NOTE: Plastic pedals are not guaranteed against breakage.