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Tony Hawk Protective Kids Pad Set with Helmet

Brand: Tony Hawk

Code: TSS-PCO-0010

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Code: TSS-PCO-0011

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Brand: Tony Hawk

Tony Hawk Multisport Protective Set includes everything you need to keep yourself protected. The set consists of a Helmet with size adjuster to ensure a perfect fit and a full padset (Knee, Elbow and Wristguards) with adjustable elastic straps to keep yourself safe and protected while you perfect your skills.

- 14 air vents provide internal air flow
- Perfect fit helmet adjuster
- Quick release buckle
- EPS liner

- Elbow, Knee and Wristguards included
- Elastic straps for secure fit
- Tough durable nylon with rear fitting sock

S/M 48-51cm L/XL 52-56cm

Comes inside a Point of Sale presentation box

Helmet conforms to: EN 1078 2012+A1:2012
Padset conforms to: EN 14120 2003+A1:2007
Range A/Range B Protection Set: <25 kg/25-50 kg