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Torker Freestylist 1984 NOS Frame and Fork Sticker Single

Brand: Torker





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Brand: Torker

Back in 1984 our UK Freestyle team was instrumental in developing the Torker Freesylist. When the production framesets came out we were somewhat underwehelmed with the stickers (some even just had regular Torker Pro-X down tube stickers). So we had one of our riders - Julian Parkinson - design some wraparound stickers using the same Freestylist font but hand screen printed with flourescent inks on gloss white vinyl. These stickers have remained elusive for going on 40 years until we just found a bag with them in.

PLEASE NOTE: Condition - the downtube stickers and others have been folded as you can see in the photo but should straighten out OK, We haven't checked the glue on all of them but worst case you could re-apply this with double-sided tape. 

Each sticker is sold individually. 

Original design: Julian Parkinson

Bike shown: Mark Carnevale