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Total BMX Spitfire Rim

Brand: Total BMX

Code: RITO001-BK1-36H

Code: RITO001-SI1-36H

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Brand: Total BMX

The Spitfire rim bridges the gap between crazy narrow rims that don't work with modern wider tyre sizes and the ultra wide rims that are very heavy. Tyres will sit on these rims securely, the rim is strong and light enough to keep you flying.


- 36 hole

- 6066 T6 Alloy (stronger than standard 6061)

- 34mm wide x 16mm high

- Corrugated profile with twin wall double box and ridge beam design

- Cross lace design, important to note on the build

- Welded join

- ERD 394mm

- Supplied with rim tape

- Weight: 469g (without rim tape)

- Colours: Black or Anodized Silver

- Always use plastic tyre levers to prevent pulling through of spoke nipples