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Total BMX Tech 2 Front Hub

Brand: Total BMX

Code: HUTO003-BK1-100

Code: HUTO003-SI1-100

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Brand: Total BMX

As run by Mark Webb, Alex Coleborn, Chance Brejnakowski and Nick Bruce the ‘Tech’ front hub uses a fully CNC machined alloy hub shell with low profile, recessed spoke flanges for great strength and low weight. The female axle is heat treated chromoly and uses 2x 17mm hex nuts for a neat and safe look, these hex bolts also feature a 6mm allen broach for multiple tool fittings. The Tech hub runs on 2 high quality Japanese sealed cartridge bearings with CNC machining alloy cones for smooth and long lasting performance. Finished in 3 colours with Total BMX laser etched logos. The hub features a centre ridge line for an individual look.

• Female bolts (Heat Treated) with 17mm heads or 6mm hex wrench fitment

• CNC 6061t alloy shell

• 47mmØ Flange

• Precision Japanese sealed bearings

• Weight 250gms

• Black/ Silver/ Purple

• Hub Guards and Titanium axles available (sold separately)