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TSG Evolution Helmet Clear White

Brand: TSG



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Brand: TSG

 This popular clear white with red straps colourway in the Evolution by TSG has been one of best selling helmets for years now. Comes in sizes Small/Medium or Large/Extra Large. For BMX, skate or scooter use. 

The all-new TSG Evolution helmet features reshaped side panels provide an increased protection for your temples and the area around your ears. New designed heat sucking ventilation system pushes the air from the front to the back to pull the heat away from your head. We have added pre-molded padding for easy adjustment and insane comfort. Anatomically shaped chin buckle offers you additional safety whatever move you do.

• S/M: 54-56cm
• L/XL: 57-59cm

• High impact ABS shell.
• Black EPS Liner.
• 14 hole ventilation system.
• Inside ventilation.
• Pre-molded removable padding system.
• Anatomically shaped chin buckle.
• Meets EN1078/CPSC Standards.
• Sizes: S/M - L/XL (you get two pad kits in each ie/A Small and a Medium kit in the S/M).