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TSG Evolution Injected Helmet Black

Brand: TSG



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Brand: TSG

Featuring a custom low, snug fit, the Evolution helmet is one of the slimmest hardshell designs available. It features a tough skate-style hardshell construction, which securely protects all the useful bits of your noggin.

The design curves anatomically around the head for a great fit and tailored wearing comfort.

The injected colour line is manufactured with a less elaborated coloring process allowing us to offer it at a lower price range.

Material: ABS Hardshell, EPS Impact Foam.
Fit: Low Fit, Snug Fit, Tuned Fit System.
Ventilation: 14 Aerodynamic Vents, Air Flow Channels.

Additional Features:
Heat-Sealed Padding Kit in 2 sizes.

Colours: Black or White.
Sizes: S/M: 54-56cm, L/XL: 57-59cm