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TSG Evolution Youth Helmet Satin White

Brand: TSG


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Brand: TSG

The younger sibling of the Evolution helmet delivers the same attention to detail as its big brother.

The Evolution Youth features a tough ABS hardshell in a shell size optimised for youth and young adult riders.

The low profile skate-style fit fully protects temples and nape, making it the first choice for young bucks conquering streets, park and rails.

The custom Snug and Low Fit makes it the most comfy and safe hard-shell youth helmet ever. It also fits small adult heads.

Hardshell Construction.
ABS Shell.
EPS Impact Foam.
Low & Snug Fit.
14 Aerodynamic Vents.
Air Flow Channels.
Die-Cut Interior Pads.
Tuned Fit System.
Junior size.
CE EN1078 & CPSC Certified.

Sizes: XXS/XS - 52-54cm

Weight: 400g