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United AYS Corey Martinez Signature Frame Metallic Champagne

Brand: United

Code: FRUN37SI205

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Brand: United

Introducing the Corey Martinez Signature AYS Frame from United.

"AYS (Are You Serious) is exactly what goes through our minds every time we watch Corey ride. He has been dominating the game for well over 20 years and over the last 18 years with us here at United he hasn’t slowed down in the slightest"

This frame is Corey’s latest signature model and is built for not only being technical in the streets, but holding up against whatever you throw at it!

Featuring United's tried and tested slim invest cast wishbone for increased strength in the rear, as well as s-bend chainstays for improved tyre clearance, you will also find removable brake mounts on all these models!

Chainstay: 12.8”
Standover: 9”
Headtube: 75.5 °
BB height: 11.7”
Seat Tube Angle: 71°
TT sizes: 20.25”, 20.5”, 20.7”, 21”