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United Dinero V2 Fork Gloss Black

Brand: United

Code: FOUN08BK

5 Available

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Brand: United

Constructed with 100% post weld heat treated 4130 cromo and integrated 10mm dropouts using investment casting technology, notable features include butted, fluted and tapered legs, embossed logos, angled fork leg ends for grind clearance, and an internal-externally machined 1pc steerer tube with integrated bearing race. M24 threaded steerer and a new steerer tube provide increased strength in tensioned areas, while improved clearance easily fits 2.4 tyres. Finished with a 7075-T6 top cap and sunken 6mm allen bolt for a 'hollow' look, each unit is also ED rust proof coated for durability.

31.09mm offset
2.02 lbs / 920 g
Gloss Black