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United HMW Freecoaster Hub with Guards

Brand: United

Code: HUUN14BK

Code: HUUN15BK

Code: HUUN14PO

Code: HUUN15PO

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Brand: United

The Harry Mills-Wakley Signature Free coaster Hub. Featuring a 8 point resistance clutch system high quality sealed hub bearings and needle roller driver bearings making this coaster super durable. A heat treated axle with an oversized internal diameter also makes this hub tough and keeps Harry rolling smooth.

  • New 8 Point Resistance Clutch system
  • Needle Roller 9T Driver Bearings
  • 6061-T6 Alloy Hub Shell
  • 14mm Heat Treated Hollow Axle with Oversized internal diameter for extra strength
  • High Quality and Fast Hub Shell Bearings
  • Drive Side and Non Drive Side Nylon Hub Guards
  • Right or Left Hand Drive
  • Black Or Polished