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United InDirect Tyre 2.35 Black

Brand: United

Code: TYUN05BK235

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Brand: United

The new United InDirect tyre was created in collaboration with Bicycle Union. It comes in a 2.35 inch width with a directional tread, 110psi rating and is right at home at the trails.

For the United Indirect tyre we took the Swerve tyre and increased the tread depth, added some extra cut outs and created a directional tread aggressive tyre that is right at home in the dirt. With the nature of this tyre we decided to make it our biggest offering yet, a full 2.35”

•  Aggressive directional dirt profile combining grip and speed
•  Directional tread for greater balance and stability
•  Fine micro knurling across full tyre for improved grip
•  Designed and developed with input from the United team
•  120 tpi construction / 110 psi rating
•  2.35”
•  Inflated width: 61mm / 2.4”
•  Weight: 2.35" - 730 g / 25.7 oz