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United MDLCLS Sprocket

Brand: United

Code: SPUN13BK25

Code: SPUN13BK28

Code: SPUN13BK30

Code: SPUN13BK33

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Code: SPUN13PO25

Code: SPUN13PO28

Code: SPUN13PO30

Code: SPUN13PO33

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Brand: United

The new United MDLCLS (abbreviated from Middle Class )is a sprocket we have been working on for a while. Trails meets street. The meeting of the middle ground.

• A sprocket that has the option to add a guard without taking away anything from the original design.
• A trails inspired sprocket that gets a beefing when you bolt up the cleverly engineered guard (available separately). 
• Both made from Cnc'd 6061 T6 Alloy the MDLCLS sprocket will take everything in its stride.
• Available in 25t 28t 30t and 33t.