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United Metal Miki 4.5" 4140 Cromo Steel Single Peg Black Oxide

Brand: United

Code: PGUN08BK

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Brand: United

Miki Fleck is heavy on the peg abuse. Miki requested he had a set of pegs that could withstand a serious amount of abuse. We delivered and gave Miki this signature United Metal Miki peg. A super strong 4.5” metal peg. Nothing more nothing less. You know the score! Reinforced inner, thickened tips, machined throughout! Miki approved!

-Heat treated 4140 cromo

-4.5 in

-14mm axle slots with tw 10mm adaptors supplied

-Internal machining with weight saving end cut outs

-Anti rotational pins with five possible mount holes

-Runs flush with all our frames and forks for clean grind line

-Black oxide finish