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United Zuin Miki Fleck Signature Frame Negrita

Brand: United

Code: FRUN35CO205

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Brand: United

Miki Fleck's Signature "ZUIN" Frame in this Negrita red colurway is the latest addition to United's collection, boasting Invest Cast Drop Outs, integrated Chain Tensioners and Removeable Brake Mounts from its predecessor, the Incarnate V2. Extending the Chain Stay to 13.25" Slammed and increasing the Stand Over to 9.3" offered this bike the versatility it needed to survive Miki's riding style.

Top Tube: 20.5”, 20.8", 21”, 21.25”.

4130 Seamless Sanko Japanese Tubing
Tapered tubing throughout
Thickened Chain Stays
Invest Cast Drop Outs with built in Chain Tensioners
Removable Brake Mounts
Seat Clamp Included
Top Tube: 20.5”, 20.8", 21”, 21.25”
Head Tube: 75.3
Chainstay: 13.25”
Bottom Bracket: 11.6
Stand Over: 9.3"
Seat Tube: 71