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Vans Sk8-Hi Pro BMX Shoes Black / Black

Brand: Vans

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Brand: Vans

VANS have another awesome meeting of classic Vans style with new technology! The Sk8-Hi Pro BMX is now available with their new Wafflecup BMX-specific sole. Always keeping the progression in BMX going.

The Sk8-Hi Pro BMX, a Vans classic upgraded for enhanced performance, features sturdy suede and canvas uppers, brand new PopCush footbeds for superior cushioning and impact protection, and Vans original waffle outsoles made of a rubber that offers grip and support. It also includes DURACAP reinforcement rubber underlays in high wear areas for durability, and the Vans revolutionary Wafflecup BMX construction for unrivalled support and pedal feel.

Composition:Suede, Canvas

Comes with two pairs of laces; black and white. 

The added DURACAP reinforcement rubber underlays in high-wear areas are engineered to withstand the abuse of the vans pro skate team—and by providing lasting durability, save everyday skateboarders time and money.

Back in ’66, Paul Van Doren made the first soles of his new shoes twice as thick so they would wear longer and, unlike other shoe manufacturers, he used pure crepe rubber with no filler. That decision ended up defining Vans’ legacy when the world’s first skateboarders discovered how Vans’ now-LEGENDARY ORIGINAL WAFFLE outsole gum rubber compound provided superior board CONTROL and let them feel their board while staying firmly connected to it.

Vans’ revolutionary WAFFLECUP construction offers today’s skateboarders the support of a cupsole without sacrificing any of the grip and pedal feel of a traditional vulcanised shoe.

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