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Volume Follow the Leader Frame Black

Brand: Volume BMX




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Brand: Volume BMX

Billy Perry’s all new Signature FTL frame has been a long time coming.

We’re proud to finally reveal it in all it’s glory.

With a new boxed chainstay junction, creating a unique look and a stiff rear end, as well as a laser cut seatstay bridge with ‘FTL’ CNC cut into it.

This FTL also includes our oval downtube to prevent dents, top and downtube gussets, hourglass headtube, S bend chainstays for bigger tire clearance & lastly our 7mm thick investment cast dropouts with built in chain tensioners.

The Geometry is dialed in to Billy’s liking ; steeper 75.50º head tube, shorter 12.8” slammed chainstay (13.05” center to center), and a higher 9.50” seat tube height.

Includes removable brake mounts.

13.25" Chainstays
9.25" Seat tube
75.25° Head angle
Integrated chain tensioner