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Volume Melee Guard Sprocket

Brand: Demolition BMX



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Brand: Demolition BMX

The new Shun guard sprocket from Volume is made from full hard-wearing 7075 CNC alloy with 2 crank holes for added life.

This guard won’t let you down grind after grind!

  • 3D CNC 7075 aluminium
  • 24mm Bore sprocket hole
  • Complete with 19mm and 22mm crank spacer for all cranks
  • 2 crank bolt holes design
  • 25t or 28t
  • 24mm bore with 19 and 22mm adaptors

Centre-aligned teeth allow you to run the sprocket with either side facing out.

Complete with two spindle hole adapters (19 and 22 mm).

Fits 24mm cranks without any spacer.