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We The People Activate 60PSI Tyre Black

Brand: We The People

Code: A100002188

Code: A100002191

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Brand: We The People

Wethepeople's new all-terrain Activate tyre, here in  more affordable 60psi version. Available in 2.35 or 2.4 inch widths. All Black. 

Material - ultra durable and grippy rubber compound
Size - 2.35" (57mm) or 2.4" (61mm)
Construction - 60tpi
Max Pressure - 60psi

Features - 60PSI

  all-terrain tyre with unique grind friendly sidewall
  fast centre line with knurled aggressive tread
  durable sticky compound
  wire bead, high quality 60tpi casing
  nylon reinforced sidewall

Weight -
2.35": 660g (60PSI)
2.4": 840g (60PSI)