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We The People Battleship Magnum Frame Black

Brand: We The People

Code: A100014581

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Brand: We The People

The Battleship Magnum from Wethepeople has a taller 9.75" standover and boasts some amazing hyroformed tubing throughout, check the images for the details on the ovalised chainstays and hyfroforming on the top, down and seat tubes. Add in a 75.5º head angle and short 12.75" seat stays it makes some brands' frames look like they are from 2005! Comes in 20.75, 21 and 21.25 inch toptube lengths. 

 Lifetime guarantee. 

TOP TUBE LENGTH 20.75", 21" or 21.25"

CHAIN STAY LENGTH 12.7" – 13.25" - optimized for 12.75" / 13'' w/ 25-9





TUBING butted, Japanese seamless 4130 crmo tubing

BOTTOM BRACKET 74mm mid size, cnc machined and heat-treated

HEAD TUBE 127mm cnc machined and heat-treated, integ. h/set

DROPOUTS laser cut and cnc machined 6mm, heat-treated 4130 crmo, perfect shape for pegs and hub guards

BRAKES brakeless frame, brakes cannot be fitted