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We The People Doomsayer Jordan Godwin Frame Black

Brand: We The People

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Brand: We The People

You are looking at our best selling frame and for good reason. For a start it's the Jordan Godwin signature model - say no more, it has tons of unique features like the super steep 76.25º head angle, 12.95" chainstays and unique graphics for each of the three new 2021 colours. 

Here's what Jordan had to say about it:

Getting to work on a signature frame with wethepeople has honestly been a dream come true, i can’t thank those dudes enough for the opportunity and giving me full control of what i wanted.

One of the features I’m really hyped on is the the 12.95” rear end. it feels super stable for bigger set-ups but also responsive enough to make manuals and and technical grinding easier.

Together with the 76.25 degree head tube angle, the wheelbase is shorter and this has helped me so much with front end stuff especially nose manuals.

The placement of the hydroformed gussets give the frame a real clean and balanced look. we tried a few variations of the placement but this one was definitely the cleanest look and it’s super solid! I do a lot of hard spins and that can sometimes end up twisting the back end of a frame, so we decided to beef up the seat stay tubing to completely get rid of that problem.

Graphics are something that makes a frame for me, wethepeople know that and really wanted to work close with me to get exactly what I wanted, and honestly I couldn’t be happier with how they turned out, something simple but also really fits the image of the frame name and of course the doom mask is incorporated in there

The bottom bracket is taller at 11.9” which gives the frame a snappy feel but also so it stays out of the when grinding kink rails. also i run a 28t sprocket so when i’m doing oppo grinds that thing isn’t dragging on the rail/ledge.

Basically this thing is exactly what i wanted there is nothing i would change

A serious thank you to wethepeople for making this happen letting me have control and not just making a frame then slapping my name on it. those guys are the best for real!

- Jordan Godwin

butted, seamless 4130 chromoly tubing japanese

20.5” / 20.75" / 21" TT

12.95" slammed, 13.2" centered

HT: 76.25 °, ST: 71°

type: mid-bb, width: 74mm, height: 11.9 ", cnc machined and heat-treated

taller 127mm shape, cnc machined and heat-treated, integ. h / set, 

7.5mm, invest cast crime with integrated chain tensioner bolts


brakeless frame

hydroformed toptube and downtube

oversize 20.5mm thick seat stays for increased stiffness

increidbly responsive 11.9” bottom bracket

super steep 76.25 degree headtube

wider rear triangle allows clearance for a 2.5 " tire

include wethepeople alloy Supreme seat clamp


gloss black ed, matt pastel orange, matt trans purple

2.36kg/5.2lbs - 20.5”tt