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We The People Logic Cranks with Bottom Bracket Gloss Black

Brand: We The People

Code: A100015267

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Code: A100015268

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Brand: We The People

The Logic is a no-bullshit crank from wethepeople designed with the crew during the 2018 season and put through hell and back before getting the wethepeople team seal of approval. using super tough dent-resistant square arms and a robust 3pc design, the logics 22mm spindle keeps things strong whilst shaving off a few grams.

Available in 160-175mm arm lengths and includes a wethepeople compact 22mm mid bottom bracket allowing you to throw these badboys on and get straight to work.

Crank Arms: 3pc design, full seamless japanese 4130 crmo tubing, liquid post heat-treated


22mm 4130 heat-treated butted crmo spindle

160mm, 165mm, 170mm and 175mm

Includes WTP Compact 22mm MID size bottom bracket

team series crank

dent resistant square shape arms

robust 3pc deisgn

available with super short 160mmarms

RSD/LSD compatible


920g / 32.4oz (165mm - w/o bb)

Gloss Black

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