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We The People Message Alloy Pegs Black Pair

Brand: We The People

Code: A100004984

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Brand: We The People

If you a looking for lightweight Park pegs, the WeThePeople Message alloy pegs have to be top of your list. Sold as a pair. 14mm with 10mm adaptors. 4.15" long.

The park riders on the WeThePeople team were calling out for a lightweight peg which could hold up to years of abuse in the skatepark, and shave some weight over traditional steel pegs. the message peg is cold forged from super tough 7075-t6 alloy and then CNC machined internally and externally to remove material where it's not needed.

Sold as a pair, drilled for 14mm axles but comes with x2 3/8" adaptors to fit female bolt rear hubs.

Lightweight 7075-T6 cold forged alloy with CNC finish

4.15" (105mm) long, 34mm diameter
lightweight skatepark peg

Internally and externally CNC machined to reduce weight

Smaller diameter - less dents and more peg clearance

14mm drilling with 3/8" adaptor


326g (11.50oz : 0.72lbs) (per pair)