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We The People Stickin' Tyre Black

Brand: We The People

Code: A100017416

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Brand: We The People

The Stickin' and the Feelin' in the WeThePeople tyre line up  offer you as the names suggest a grippy tyre and a sticky tyre. This Stickin' version is more of a slick and, yes it definitely sticks and is offered in 2.3 or 2.4 inch width. 

Rubber is something we’ve always taken seriously. not only is it the connecting point between your bike and what you’re riding, it also makes a huge difference as to how your bike feels. after the success of the Grippin and Feelin’ tyres we wanted to work with the team on a fresh new design based around the needs of the modern street rider. after a long process of testing compounds and refining the tread design we came up with something quite special.
The Stickin’ tyre is the successful end result of over a year of hard work. using a specially designed shape and specific rubber compound allowing it to stick to literally anything, yet enable you to grind endlessly without getting your tyre stuck on the side of the rail or ledge. This 'street slick' beast was designed to grind and slide like nothing else.
Cologne, Germany

ultra durable and grippy rubber compound

120 TPI construction

2.30" (58mm) and 2.40" (61mm)

slick, street tread and extra tough, sidewall construction to resist grind damage


2.30" - 25oz, 2.40" -27oz


Black, Dark Gum, Sand