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We The People Utopia Flatland Forks with Brake Mounts Black

Brand: We The People

Code: A100004348

Code: A100000941

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Brand: We The People

The utopia fork features triple butted and smooth tapered fork legs for maximum foot clearance and positioning. we used our knowledge of fork design to create an incredibly lightweight and strong fork specifically for flatland use. available with or without u-brake pivots and includes lifetime guarantee.

Material: full liquid post heat-treatment on 4130 “m2“ crmo
Top bolt: 6061-t6 alloy top bolt, m24 thread, 3/8” socket wrench fitment
Steerer length: longer 180mm
Offset: 0mm 01 10mm
Dropouts: laser cut 5mm, heat-treated 4130 crmo, for 3/8''(10mm) axle

Special features:
• Zero-offset flatland fork or 10mm option available
• Fully cnc’d steerer
• Internally and externally butted
• Integrated crown race designed to work with
integrated headsets with a 45° bearing
• Triple butted fork blades
• Fits 2.3" / 58mm tyres max
• includes lifetime guarantee

Fork: 875g (20.72oz : 1.92lbs) Top bolt: 22g (0.64oz : 0.04lbs)