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Weldtite Citrus Degreaser

Brand: Weldtite


Code: LUWTCD75



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Brand: Weldtite

WELDTITE products are used by our Alans Supercross race team.

Citrus degreaser intended for cleaning and degreasing bike chains and similar components

Remove dirt and grime with the powerful water- based Citrus Degreaser.

Use with a cloth, brush or as a ‘bath’ to efficiently clean the drivetrain, removing all traces of dirt and oil ready for reapplication of the Weldtite Lube of your choice.
Weldtite Citrus Degreaser is a biodegradable product.

Fresh citrus scent.

Carbon safe.

  • Powerful natural based degreaser
  • Highly effective in removing grease and oil
  • Non-aerosol, environmentally friendly
  • Easy rinse-off formula, soluble in water
  • Non-flammable

Available in 1 litre refill or Small 75ml Bottle