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Wellgo MG-1 Magnesium Cro-mo Sealed Platform Pedals

Brand: Wellgo

Code: 39162BK

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Code: 39162G

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Brand: Wellgo

A lightweight classic, the Wellgo MG1 was the pedal of choice for the discerning rider for many a year and still available now! Comes in black or XTR grey. Just 368 grams per pair. 
  • Money-to-weight this is probably the best value item you can buy it you want to save weight on your bike.
  • Now available in Powdercoated Black or XTR Grey.
  • These sealed bearing pedals have an original DX feel but have a slightly larger surface area.
  • Pins are replaceable.
  • Light magnesium body, although not a strong as aluminium. If you break pedals or do pedal grinds we'd advise an alloy pedal instead.
  • These pedals are amazingly light - they weigh less than half the weight of Primo Super Tenderizers.
  • 9/16" (for 3 piece cranks) only.
  • Titanium axles available to make these even more crazy light!