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Dale Tunstead

We recently hooked Dale up after seeing him shredding at the Backyard Jam series. He's been smashing it the last few rounds, narrowly missing out on qualifying so far (with one round to go). As a fresh addition to the team we cant wait to see what Dale brings with his massive combos and style. Hes a regular over at Ramp1 Warrington, make sure to say hello!

Whats your name and where are you from?
Dale Tunstead and I'm from Widnes
Whats your favorite part on your bike?
Probably my frame, love the colour!
Any special stickers or things you've customized on your bike?
Nothing that I've customized myself but I've just got a pringles sticker on the headtube which is sick!
Favourite jam/contest you've been too?
Probably NASS festival a few back but backyard jam has been pretty sick too
Whats your worst crash/injury from riding?
Almost a year ago I fractured my skull, collar bone, scapula and 3 ribs. I was in hospital for a couple of weeks with 2 bleeds on my brain as a result
What your favorite thing to do apart from riding?
Honestly have to say spending time with my family it's only only other thing I do besides work haha
Who's your favourite rider you look up to? Do they have a video part you can link?
Hard to decide between Logan Martin and Kevin Peraza, Logan for his Instagram and Peraza for this part
Favourite beverage after a long ride?
Lucozade sport then a cuppa when I get home haha
Whats your favourite place to ride?
Indoor park ramp1 at the moment and outdoor park Victoria skate park in Widnes

Heres what Dale Rides:

Forks: Odyssey R32 Forks Black
Front Rim: Alienation Skylark
Seat: Tall Order Emoji Seat

You can find Dale on Instagram: @daletunstead

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