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1990's Mid School Collection

So the planets' aligned so Adam was able to work on a few bikes that we've had waiting in the wings for a while now. These four bikes tell the story of how BMX bikes developed throughtout the 90's from what was essentially unchanged since the early 80's to what we know today.

Redline 1990 700SL

Redline 1990 700SL
Let's start with the 700SL. This came into us a frame and fork that we had powdercoated two tone black and blue and luckily it came with a new sticker set becuase they're really hard to find for this year. Essentially the frame and fork is fully old school in terms of tech but Redline's 1990 graphic treatment gives it a fresh look. See more here

1990 Redline

Redline 1996 RL440
This was a different story, the 1996 RL440 came in a batch of bikes imported from the USA that we got back in early 2020. The bike was complete and had a lot of original parts, the wheels were wrong and it needed some TLC so Adam went through it and replaced what was needed but kept it Survivor where we could. In 1996 we still had threaded forks on this model but a rear cantilever brake was used instead of a caliper (but before V-brakes). For more on this bike see here

Diamond Back 1996 Viper
Part of a bike that we had in the back room for a few years now, this Diamond Back - actually known as Diamondback (all one word) by now - was frame, fork, stem, cranks, spider and chainring. The crank was bent, so we dispensed with that and Adam went though the whole bike to make it ride like new. For full spec and to buy - please see here

Robinson 1999 Ruckus
In the late 90's, dirt jumping was all the range and after having success with the Fueler, GT (who by now wholly owned Robinson) came up with this Robinson dirt jump bike - the Ruckus. It's could-not-be-more-black colour scheme was a precusor to the bikes of the Noughties. Stoked on how this one came out! See more here



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