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Bicycle of Motocross Day (France)

Fabien Rolland and his friends created this amazing race in the Montdoumerc region of France (60 miles north of Toulouse) in 2022. This is one badass event, comparable to FROGTOWN and DIRTYFEST but it looks even more fun! Just watch this video below from the 2023 event:


Having a break this year (due to the availability of the venue) BOMD will be back on August 22-23 2025. We'll be there and are hoping a strong UK contingent will make the trip to this beautiful part of France. See here for more info.

Recreating the very start of BMX in the 70's is the concept of the BOMD "Bicycle Of Motocross Day". Literally “Motocross bike day”. In 2022, Fabien Rolland, a former motorcycle rider and BMX enthusiast since 1978, is attempting the adventure of creating an original and unique event in Europe, which would be an anthem to the pioneers and inventors of BMX. For 10 years, he had been planning something. And one day, the planets align and the idea becomes a project, then an organisation. The story of this little bike begins on the heights of L.A. in California, with the famous “Stingray” from the Schwinn. “Bicycle Moto Cross” at that time, going down a slope with friends and imitating motocross with bicycles. For almost 10 years, American kids experimented with all types of bikes and tracks, then created a sport, a phenomenon, a lifestyle, as big as skateboarding. We discovered it in Europe, towards the end of the 70's, beginning of the 80's. Almost 10 years behind, which the BOMD is bringing back to life in France, with all the disciplines of the 70s, the bikes, the outfits, the music, the BOMD is a concept! But the BOMD is above all a state of mind, carefreeness, good life... During an this weekend, we lose all sense of time...

Our history, our association...
The BOMD is the idea of one man, but its materialisation is the work of a team. Initially, Fabien Rolland presented the project, then convinced the field operator Mr Jean-Paul Berc (whom we thank, because without him and his open-mindedness, the Bomd would not exist...) as well as the commune of Montdoumerc, of the merits of the “BOMD” event. Taking a BMX event that would retrace the 70's origins, and all that in a field, it was not a win, and we had to argue a little bit... But whoever doesn't try anything, has nothing in life , and it is by daring things that we create things... So, in the end, the BOMD germinated in the head of an enthusiast, but above all it is the story of an association composed a great team of friendly and caring people, hard-working, united and competent. Always in good humor and exchange, the BOMD matures over 365 days and takes shape over the months, with everyone's ideas. A lot of work is being done, mountains are being moved, a common momentum rolling, particularly for this second edition which is moved up a gear, offering almost 3 days of event, in the spirit of a festival! The BOMD exists thanks to the staff, but could not be done without the numerous volunteers, the town and the inhabitants of Montdoumerc, led by its mayor Francis Cammas helped by his team and the animation committee. A mayor who is always attentive, and totally invested in making the BOMD a success. The BOMD association can only be extremely grateful to this friendly town, but also to its inhabitants, local residents and the rural world. Peasant solidarity takes on its full meaning at BOMD!

- The BOMD team

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