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Old School Accessories

We Were Rad Old School BMX We Were Rad Book

We Were Rad Book


The definitive book on the history of BMX in the UK in the 80's, told by the kids that lived it. This isn't just another BMX book, it is the bible ...

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SE Bikes BMX Parts SE Bikes Grip Wing Donuts
Extra Colour Options Available

SE Bikes Grip Wing Donuts


Holy 80’s, Batman! Grip donuts are back! Add some style and flair to your ride. While you’re at it, eliminate that thumb abrasion, too.   • Made fr...

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Haro Old School BMX Haro Axle Extenders
Extra Colour, Thread Options Available

Haro Axle Extenders


Beautifully made genuine Haro precision CNC machined 6061 T6 alloy construction screw-on axle pegs. Add the final touch to your vintage freestyle ...

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Redline Misc Redline Flag Sticker

Redline Flag Sticker


• Printed 3 colours on clear vinyl. • Genuine Redline. • 2 inches across.

SE Bikes Wheelie Parts SE Bikes Camo Pad Set
Extra Colour Options Available

SE Bikes Camo Pad Set


Ready to add some new flair to your bike? We’ve got you covered with the new SE Camo padset! This three-piece padset comes in four different Camo ...

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Mirage Old School BMX Torker Mirage Brake Guard Sticker
On Sale Extra Size Options Available

Mirage Brake Guard Sticker


Original new old stock Mirage brake guard stickers in GT or Torker made in the UK by us circa 1984. These are original so may have some slight disc...

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