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Tall Order Parts Drop


It's always a good day when we get a delivery of new stuff from Tall Order, a UK-based brand that has gone from strength to strength in the last few years. Founded in 2016 by former BMX Pro Bas Keep, Tall Order came about when BMX wasn't at it's strongest and many people questioned the idea of creating a new brand when it seems like there was saturation. Well, Bas & co proved them wrong, by filling a gap in the market for something clean, original & fun. We're inspired to go riding by this brand and think you will too. 

Ok so what's new this time? Well first up how about the new Tall Order 360 frame? The 360 maintains the high quality that Tall Order has become known for but at a more affordable no-frills price for the up and coming rippers. Available in a 20.5" or 21" toptube, the geometry sits comfortable in the middle of the popular 215 and 187 with a 13" back end, 11.6" BB height and 8" standover. This frame uses plain gauge 4130 chromoly tubing with heat treated head tube, BB and dropouts for added strength. Add in a FREE headset and BB from us, and FREE frame swap if you are local, you a looking at one red hot frame for a low price.


Onto handlebars, we had a restock on the popular Ramp Bar that comes in gloss black or chrome and a choice of rise and new this time is the Tall Order 180 Bar to go with the 360 frame, the 180 bars are made using straight gauge (as opposed to butted) cro-mo tubing to keep the price down and they come in 9 or 9.5 rise. 

Another huge hit from Tall Order has been the Wallride tyres. Shown above in black but we have some other colourways in stock as well, in 2.30 and 2.35 widths.

Even the smaller stuff from Tall Order is dialled! Check out the Tall Order Catch grips which are pretty new and we have 'em in black or grey, 

The Tall Order 510 chain is a regular 1/8" chain with a single half link installed so you can ensure perfect adjustment and it comes in black or chrome.

The Tall Order Catch pedals are brand new. They are low prodfile plastic, are grippy enough and get the job done at an affordable price.

The new Tall Order One Logo Sprocket is traditional design with the Tall Order logo cleverly incorporated into it. Sizes are 25, 28 and 31 teeth and it's available in black or polished

Obn the seat front we have the Tall Order One Piece Seat with integated alloy post, super light weight and popular with the Park crowd. All Black.

As for Pivotal Seats; we have the Tall Order Fade Logo seat, the Tall Order Slim Pivotal Seat in Black/White and the alloy Tall Order Pivotal Seatpost to go with them.  

Remember we ship worldwide and offer 0% Finance subject to status on order over £300. 

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