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Torker Frames Revealed

The first batch of Torker frames has been announced and they are on the way to us as we speak in time for the global launch on 12th April. Numbers are VERY limited on this first batch and to comply with Torker's guidlines we can't accept pre-orders and the frames are set to go live 0:00 GMT on Friday 12.4.24 and will ship right away.

Here we'll talk you through the range and will be producing a video as soon as the frames are here. So without further ado...

EK 20"
This is the Eddie King signature frame based on the 1979 original with all Old School fitments like 1" threaded forks, caliper brakes, 22.2mm seatpost and the original round-hole gusset but with a modern Pro XL 21.25" or Pro XXL 21.75" frame toptube length, so you can actually ride it! A Euro bottom bracket shell was the trick thing that separated  EK from the regular LP frame of the time - don't be scared of the Euro BB though, the idea was as the EK was a high-end race bike you wouldn't fit a one piece crank and the same rings true today, you can fit a Redline Flight crank or any three piece cro-mo crank with 19 or 22mm spindle, or a vintage alloy crank with a square taper BB will also work great (we managed to get a set of c1980 vintage Shimano Dura-Ace cranks off Ebay for a build we are doing).

Full spec here.

Eddie King 1979.


Barbarian 26"
Torker made a few 26" cruisers just around the time that 24" bikes were taking over the tracks (early 1981). We got some on our first delivery in 1981... and we still had some unsold into the 1990's! The Barbarian is named after the famous Clint Miller ad and is fully vintage like the EK - so 1" threaded forks, caliper brakes and 22.2mm seatpost.

Full spec here.

Clint Millar BMXA ad c1982


This Pro-X is a modern race-ready version of the 1984 Pro-X frame with all modern race gemetry and fitments, so 1 1/8" threadless forks, Euro BB, V-brake mounts and ovalised down but tube,with original Pro-X features like the headtube and BB gussets. 

Available in Pro XL 21.25", Pro XXL 21.75" and 24" versions. We can't wait to see these out on the tracks this year, we already have a couple of British Champions lined up to race these...

Full 20" spec here.

Full 24" spec here.


Torker UK Pro Team: John Lee, Tony Holland & Alan Woods at our showroom in Hindley 1985.


Freestylist 20"
One of three Freestyle variants all modern style. Only about 75 or so of the original 1984 Freestylist were produced and many of those were frame only due to a weld issue on the fork steerer. Available in 20" with Mid BB shell, 14mm rear dropouts, 1 1/8" threadless forks, integrated headset and AD990 u-brake mounts on the frame and fork. Toptube is 21.25".

Full spec here.

Bike shown: Mark Carnevale


Freestylist 29"
The big bike crowd haven't been forgotten about with this Freestylist 29er. Full 4130 cro-mo throughout and all modern fittings and geometry. The production frame will had a rear disc brake mount and U-brake mounts on the forks. The NEW Torker 29" Freestylist leads the way as a modern classic that will keep you hyped on any rideout, or a ride around town.

Full spec here.


Freestyle 20"
In the early 80's, if you were a true BMXer, you used your one bike for everything. It was your race bike, your transportation, your freestyle bike... and the Torker nailed all of those. The geometry that you could race, the style that you were proud to take to school, and the balance that made it right at home in the skatepark while learning your freestyle tricks. There is a reason that nearly every early freestyler, like Bob Haro and Eddie Fiola, started their career on a Torker.

This modern freestyle frameset honors that tradition and gives you the best foundation possible to start building the best modern freestyle bike possible.

Modern Freestyle Geometry: - 
21.25" TT, 14.25" C/S, 11.625" BB Height , 75.5º HA. Mid BB & 14mm rear dropouts.

Full spec here.


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Alans BMX - March 20, 2024

Yes first come first served Stephen. Stock varies frame to frame but we hope to have enought to keep everyone happy. When we run out there will be another delivery this year.

Stephen.trowbridge - March 20, 2024

Good morning I am really keen to purchase the new Torker 20 frame, on your website yesterday it claimed Sold Out on all models however you state No pre orders ?
Please can you clarify if it’s first come first serve at midnight on specified day in April would also be helpful how many will you have.

Kind regards

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