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Torker Freestylist 20" Frame and Fork Chrome

Brand: Torker

Code: TF1001–TF1051

Call us on 01942 826 598 for availability or an alternative!

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Brand: Torker

First Production is only available in Triple Show Chrome Plated and limited qty of 25 pcs worldwide.

UPDATE 12th April 2024
Frames are in the hands of the freight company and expected to be delivered any day now. We were hoping to have the frames here in hand well before the launch date but the delay was caused by the frames having to be shipped to another country for chrome plating. We will keep you posted. When this frame is sold out, we will post the next availability date as soon as we have it and you will be able to pre-order these.

Matching Pads are available, made exclusively for us by Flite® in Black or Yellow.

Please post pics of your builds and share your serial # on the Torker Racing Riders Group

Torker is back! The iconic Fullerton, California brand founded by the Johnson family in 1975 has finally after years of wrangling found a home and is going to be awesome. 

Back in 1984 there were 75 or so of the 20" Freestylist made. Now as we bring the legacy of the company back... The remake of the 1984 Torker Flagship... What could of been... The Torker Freestylist!

Modern Freestyle Geometry: - 
21.25" TT, 14.25" C/S, 11.625" BB Height , 75.5º HA

1 1/8” Front End – 990 Brakes – Mid BB.

We can build this kit into a bike for you, or supply all the parts to make the Torker of your dreams.


Mid BB, accepts all three piece cranks, new and old. We can supply the correct BB for the cranks you have. One piece crank will not fit.

1 1/8" threadedless fork with u-brake mounts.

U-brake mounts.

14mm rear dropouts.

Mid BB.