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United December Parts Delivery

United has been working on some new BMX parts for - and a re-run of one older thing which is kind of a re-run of an even older thing - and we're stoked on it all! United is a UK, ride-owned, focused brand with an awesome team that are as legit as it gets and they deserve your support. 

First off we have the brand spanking new United Precedence Top Load Stem. While we have seen a resurgence in Front Load stems on some Pro's bike recently, top load is still the perference for moist reiders. This puppy is fully CNC-machined, it's got a 29mm rise and it is offered in 49 or 52mm reach and black or polished. 52mm is regular, 49mm is shortter than normal for tech stuff like nose manuals. Thumbs up from us. 

If you are getting a stem why not grab some of the new United HMW Dirty Bars, the debut signature United part from Exeter's Harry Mill-Wakley. These bars are built to take a beating, have a 9.1 inch rise and come in black or chrome and have that nice play on the HMV logo for their graphic. These bars can be used in so many application, street, park, race or the chrome ones wouldn't look out of place on a old school build. 

Back in stock as well are the Supreme 4 piece bars - our best-selling four piece handlebars in black or chrome and 9 or 9 1/2" rise. 

United Supreme v2 Forks ED Black

Keeping with the front end of your bike, we have updated the United V2 Supreme forks that come in a choice of three offsets: 18, 28 and 32mm. 
Which offset do I need?
32mm is nowadays more used for Trails or racing and is great for stability at speed. 
28mm is middle of the road, skatepark, street, etc. 
18mm is a steep offset for tech trick, nose manuals, but is a bit more sketchy at speed. 

The United MDLCLS is a trails inspired sprocket that gets a beefing when you bolt up the cleverly engineered guard (available separately). Made from CNC'd 6061 T6 Alloy the MDLCLS sprocket will take everything in its stride and available in 25t 28t 30t and 33t.

The super-popular United Supreme wheels are back. They're probably our most popular off-the-self wheels, available in rear and matching front and are amazing quality and value for money. Oh and these are switchable left and right and drive. 

The United Supreme hubs are available on their own in Front or Rear. Remember if you order hubs and rims we'll built it for you for FREE with FREE straight-gauge Halo spokes.  

These have been around for a while but the United Direct 2.30" tyres definitely have a solid following out there. If you want a solid street/park tyre that takes 110psi for a great price, check these out. Add a tube for just £1. If you order wheels with these tyres we'll fit and inflate them for you to save the hassle. If you want to fit these yourself have United Tyre Levers and the United Mini Track Pump.  

New are the United Supreme pedals that come on the United complete bikes. They sare pretty grippy for plastic pedals and a great price like all the Supreme line. Don't forget the United Pedal Spanner and the United BMX Tool Kit

Seats from United are on point this time around. We have Pivotal and the new United x Gaar Railed seats. 

We're saving the best till last, the United V2 Caveman frame. New WAL-inspired graphics and gloss black or gloss yellow. 


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