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Box One X2 Pro Carbon 20mm 1 1/8" Forks

Brand: Box

Code: FKBX1X220K

Code: FKBX1X224K

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Brand: Box

All Box One forks are engineered and crafted using our Oversized Technology. These forks are the single most important component in the quest for bike control. We’ve moved carbon from areas of low stress to areas that handle high load. Those muscular shoulders aren’t just for looks as they are integral to achieving superior steering stiffness. When combined with Box’s other Oversized components, you’ll experience heightened responsiveness and reduced latency.

Key differences: This particular model fork is tailored for larger-sized racers and also takes our application of Oversized Technology one step further as it includes a tougher 1-1/8 inch chromoly steerer tube and stiffer 20mm through-axle cold-forged dropouts.

Weight Limit: 115kg (253 lbs) with limitations as per Category 2 of EN 16054:2012 Standard

Includes Box One™ Stem Lock
Includes Box One™ Fork Adapters

Note: Use of a star nut voids the warranty for this product.


• Legs: High Modulus Unidirectional Carbon Fiber
• Steerer: Chromoly Steel
• Butterfly & Dropouts: 6061-T6 Aluminum
• Legs: Vacuum Mold
• Steerer: Extruded & Butted
• Butterfly & Dropouts: Cold-Forged
Hardware: Stem Lock & Fork Adapters
Finish: Gloss Black/Matte Black with Water Decals
• Height: 20” / 24”
• Steerer: 1-1/8" Straight
• Offset: 32mm
• Through-Axle: 20mm
• 20”: 657 g
• 24”: 703 g