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Hutch Trick Star Bikes

Introducing the NEW Hutch Trick Star complete! It’s not just a bicycle…it’s a work of art! The Hutch Trick Star is a chrome-plated masterpiece of engineering and design that comes in 20” and 26” wheel sizes. Almost every part on this bicycle is Hutch-specific, directly-influenced by its 1980’s predecessor. Nope, no “catalog” parts with a brand name slapped on like others do. Virtually every component was developed from scratch by Hutch and manufactured with custom tooling! The Hutch line of complete bicycles raises the bar above all other retro-style completes ever made. Finally, if you wanted the best…now you’ve found THE BEST!

Huge cred to John Buultjens of Lineage Consulting Group! John worked tirelessly for 16 months to bring this product from concept to market. John understands the Hutch brand requires no corners be cut, no expense spared, and that a Hutch customer demands the very best possible quality and design with what can possibly be manufactured today. John’s industry and rider expertise delivered in every aspect, and we hope you agree! This Trick Star is amazing!!!